Grunting at the Screen (232)

5 Jun




The information age isn’t finished with us.


Although Wonder Woman is here the film they are banging the drum for is Valerian. They are dropping TV spots like it is hot.


Even now I think the trailers look spectacular. They just dropped the last trailer;



But something occurred to me, it looked familiar. You know what it looked it? It looked like the Phantom Menace from 1999.


Oh dear.

The release date remains July 21st.

Nevertheless reviews are coming out for Wonder Woman and the broad verdict is positive, in fact it may be the most welcomed DC movie in a while.


Everyone is going to war. Christopher Nolan is going to Dunkirk Ridley Scott is fighting the Battle of Britain and now Roland Emmerich is going to the battle of Midway.

Now this has already been made into a film, but I doubt Emmerich has seen it.

Script is by Wes Tooke, and there is a significant amount of Chinese money being invested.

Let’s just hope it is better than Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbour.








They are calling ‘Dream Breaker’ cyberpunk. We doubt it, but let’s see what we know for sure.

It is Chinese, a feature film directed by Han Yan: “young woman who must fight her way through a mysterious, holographic game world designed by her late father to avenge his death”

I’m non-committal; when I find some reviews, I’ll get back to you.

They are shooting for a release in the autumn 2017.




Rupert Wyatt’s alien invasion feature, Captive State, now has a release date August 17, 2018.




So we now have a little idea of what Neill Blomkamp is doing.


Hme. Not what we expected. You know what it looks like? This looks like the Aliens project he was forced to abandon. Except instead of insectoid aliens we have reptilian aliens, instead of space we have them on earth. Having seen Blomkamp’s earlier features I was hoping for something… not so easily categorised.

I can’t help thinking if Ridley Scott had delivered this the reaction would have been a collective yawn.

But hey, the internet is all excited.

Maybe the full short film will surprise us.




Check this one out. Revolt, a film by Joe Miale, the general Alien invasion scenario, and the aliens have bad CG robots. The Unique selling point is that this one is based in Africa.

They are trying to get a distributor for it, once it has a release date I’ll get back to you.

We have to stretch out this post so here is trailer;




Takeshi Miike The master of the Anime to Live Action form* has struck again: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable is to premiere at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival. (Actually Jojo’s comes straight from the manga without touching an anime adaptation on the way down.

The manga is based around the Joestar family, guardians of the Ripple martial art and fighters of supernatural menaces.


No release date yet.




Wonder Woman



So you know the story; Amazon princess on the island of Themyscira lives an idyllic life of warrior training among the other women when the outside world rudely intrudes in the form of American pilot, hotly pursued by German sailors.

Said American brings word of a terrible war in the outside world, the slaughter of millions.

To Diana this can only mean the return of the War God Ares, ancient enemy of the Amazonians.

She determines to leave the island of her birth, seek out Ares and put an end to his evil works.


As a film this is very watchable.

Gal Gadot is fair actor despite her single expression is the one women so seldom give to me.

Chris Pine does his best Chris Evans impression and that is not the only thing this movie shares with Captain America.


The story is simple and efficient, the action and effects well handled.


It is an entertaining if not especially fresh take on the superhero genre.


It looks like Warner/ DC have taken the most important lessons from Marvel Studios: hire directors who can direct and actors who can act.

It might seem obvious but so many other studios and production houses think that hiring, stars, athletes, celebrities and wrestlers is so much better.


Wonder Woman (a phrase appearing nowhere in the film’s dialogue) works. But it is not perfect, there are moments where the actors reach moments of crisis and talk rather than act, and there are some improbabilities (is it really only a single night sailing from Themyscira to London?)

On the whole I like it.


Where Batman V Superman was fussy and tangled, this is clean and efficient. `This down to director Patty Jenkins.


I’d say it portends good news for Justice League later this year… but that one is a Zack Snyder film so all bets are off.




*simply because he keeps making them!

















I’m Jack Eris and if you know me, you know Jack.






And if you want some real movie news you know what to do.


And if you want to walk the wild side of genre video, try Starburst’s review section


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