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Grunting at the Screen (208)

18 Jul



The information age isn’t finished with us.


OK FrightFest has released its 2016 programme.

This year they will be at the VUE Cinema, in Shepherds Bush, that means no traipsing over to the East End.

As ever it is mostly horror and thrillers, there are some Science Fiction films mixed in there.


Realive; Grunt (206); the suspended animation drama.

The Similars; Grunt (160); the weird face-changing Mexican feature.

Lost Solace; a psychopath takes a drug that forces him to confront his own morality.

Let’s Be Evil; Jenny works at a facility where gifted children and treated using Augmented reality techniques. They find the kids strangely cold and emotionless, and the game they have been training on is called, Let’s Be Evil.




Science Fiction feature Equals opens this month in the US, I’m a bit miffed because it is basically that movie Equilibrium, without any of the relentless brutal violence or gun-based martial arts.

In fact the angle this time it’s a romance: in the future all emotions and relationships have been outlawed. However some people have “switched-on-syndrome”, which allows them to feel emotions. Cue the dystopian oppression.

Reviews have come out and they are not exactly generous; some find it kind of slow and boring, they have too successfully imagined a utopian society and no drama or interest is possible.

However it is said to pick up in the second half with the clandestine love and oppression-fighting.

Equals opened in the US on July 1.



We have an opening date for The Mind’s Eye; it’s August 5.

We did cover this in Grunt (173); a battle between psychics with the kind of head-exploding antics of Cronenberg’s Scanners.

We kind of like this subgenre and are looking forward to it.





Ready Player One has begun filming, we are shocked, seeing what happened to a number of Spielberg’s other genre features we expected him to abandon it at the last moment.

Anyway, we are glad it is under way.

The book is great and we are cautiously optimistic.




This has been the year of the Manga adaptation. Already we have seen deals for

Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist, and the opening of

Hentai Kamen 2 and Terra Formars

Ghost in the Shell is in production and all is well with the world.

The latest deals to be announced are Tokyo Ghoul with Kentarō Hagiwara directing.

Originally created by writer/artist Sui Ishida.

Ghouls live among us, faster stronger, with enhanced senses but otherwise indistinguishable from ordinary human beings, cursed with their insatiable hunger for human flesh; Ken Kaneki goes on a date with Rize, but she is a man-eater, after a skin of the teeth rescue, he finds he has been taken to surgery and transformed into half ghoul himself, and is introduced to the dark world (…underworld?) of Ghoulishness as a hunter of monsters.


Principal photography starts this July.



Alien invasion project “Fall” (or rather “the Fall”- Grunt 207- ) now has a producer; it’s Steven Spielberg – who is producing via his Amblin company



Have I mentioned Beta Test? I don’t think so. We have this videogame tester, he’s been chosen to test the next big thing, as he completes the levels he discovers there are dire consequences to the game.

Events in the real world are mirroring the gameplay and the game’s hero is a real person.

Nicholas Gyeney is the hyphenate behind it (producer/writer/director).

It is released on July 22.


Which reminds me, the latest videogame adaptation is Rent-a-Hero originally from Sega. It is getting a feature film directed by Steve (‘Hot Tub Time Machine’) Pink

he film is not following the plot of the game. Our hero works for a tech company that is a little like “uber for heroes” the employees rebel when they find management is trying to weaponise the technology.

No details have been released for it as yet.




Oh man another John Carpenter reboot, Starman… and they’ve pencilled in Shawn Levy to direct.

Wait, this might make sense. First of all, I never liked Starman. In the wake of ET, Carpenter wanted to make a kinder gentler alien movie, problem is Carpenter is not a soft and fluffy director, and Starman (the tale of a an alien that clone the body of a dead man and hung out with the widow- way less creepy than it sounds, believe me-) never really worked.

So here is a movie with a great (… yeah great even if it is basically the same idea of invasion of the body snatchers and I married a monster from outer space…) idea but a poor execution with a chance to actually fix it.

And the director is Shawn Levy, I am not fan of his other stuff, but Real Steel was really good. What is more it showed his ability to mix character, drama and FX action and make it work.

Which is precisely what a Starman reboot needs.

What the heck. I’m in.

No cast, no script, no schedule announced yet.


Waypoint Entertainment have optioned Jeff Lemire’s comic “Plutona”: A group of teens find the body of a superhero out in the woods. Oh, like Stephen King’s “The Body” with costume heroes.




So, Cheap Straight to video films.

First up The Answer.

A young man is attacked, he follows clues left by his dead parents to discover who targeted him and why. On the way he learns more about himself (but not in some kind of improving self discovery way) It seems he is one extraordinary individual.

Reviews suggest this is an exceptional low budget SF movie.


next up is Darkside, yes this is Shockwave Darkside which we blogged about many times. Sadly reviews suggest it is a pretty mediocre military SF movie.


You can get both at UK supermarkets.

An interesting this is again a cheap movie has had a name change when it reached UK shelves. We shall be keeping an eye on this.







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