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Grunting at the Screen (198)

27 Feb



The information age isn’t finished with us.


This comes out of leftfield: Kill Command, a British movie written and directed by Steven Gomez; a group of marines find themselves in combat with man eating robots (?)

It has snuck up on me because I find it has a theatrical release in the UK on May 13th.








Check this out; EZO1 a German science fiction feature. They claim they are the first in twenty years but some would beg to differ.

I’ve seen the poster, looks exactly like a cheap straight to-disk release.

However I have a certain amount of affection for this, somehow, I’d rather watch this than any number of mainstream releases.

Anyway, here is the trailer, yes, the FX tend to the cheesy.




You will be glad to hear that The Scopia Effect -Grunt (182) – has a DVD release. An almost indescribable, cross genre British debut feature has attracted great reviews.


Here is one from Starburst




I know a lot of you are not Eli Roth fans. But ever since Cabin Fever I’ve had a fondness.

Well, after much drama, The Green Inferno has reached the shores of the UK. It’s been so long in limbo Roth made and released another feature since completion.

Anyway, the Green Inferno is out on DVD and it even features my favourite special feature: the director commentary.


It’s a big month for straight-to-disk Science Fiction releases.


We also have Alienate: earth is falling to an alien invasion, airliners tumble from the skies but all David wants is to get home to his wife.


It’s low budget, it’s focussed on the human scale, it has been compared to Gareth Edwards’ Monsters.


Reviews are mixed, but it sounds different.


Also out on DVD is Arrowhead, a low budget feature largely made in the directors Melbourne study.


A stranded mercenary discovers a deadly secret on a moon that is not as deserted as it seems. Actually the plot is more complicated than that, but it has attracted positive reviews.

It too has been compared to Gareth Edwards’ Monsters (a valid point because of the home-made quality of the FX). Most of all they are excited in what the director can do with more money.



Here is a cautiously hopeful review from Starburst.


Catch all of them in all fine (and some frankly mediocre) supermarkets.



Did I miss something?

No really, because why am I looking at a report on All Superheroes Must Die: 2.

What happened to All Superheroes Must Die: 1?**

I think we may be looking at some kind of satirical, metafictional thing here.

One thing is clear: the documentary style has come to the superhero movie.

It is directed by Jason Trost and it looks at Chance, the last superhero, this secret origins, and his link with to an unsolved murder.

It is looking at a summer release.





Australia must be having a science Fiction renaissance because we are getting word of a new feature, Space/Time from Director Michael O’Halloran: with the earth at the brink of holocaust, a team of scientist struggle to perfect time travel, but in trying times they have to resort to crime to finish the machine. It is set for a     release in 2017.






I’ve got a stupid smile on my face. They are making Pacific Rim 2.

I hardly ever take joy in sequels lately but Pacific Rim was something special.

Guillermo del Toro is no longer in the driving seat, but in his place is Steven S. DeKnight. He was the showrunner behind Spartacus and Daredevil Season 1.

Based in his qualifications he can do great work/

There is still no start or release dates.



You know you want to see a Russian Superhero movie, just admit it.

Take a look the trailer to Guardians here.




Deadpool Review


Well, the first review of the year, a little late, but then there has not been much…

Let’s start with an admission. I haven’t liked Ryan Reynolds, he made a mess of Blade III and tanked Green Lantern*. So I was not looking forward to this.


Surprisingly it works.

In fact it works well.


Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a friendly neighbourhood mercenary (Just think Robert McCall from The Equaliser), things are good for him, and he has a job he likes, a girl who adores him… Then he gets cancer, the terminal kind in every part of his body.


Desperate times call for desperate measures and he signs on with a Doctor named Ajax, who claims he won’t just cure the cancer, but make him better than ever before. Unfortunately the treatment mostly means torturing Wade and even at the end he’s left brutally disfigured.


Wade Escapes Ajax’s lab and vows eternal vengeance.


That’s about all to it. The charm is not in the basic story but the execution.


Deadpool the movie is savagely funny, scatological, offensive and self-referential. It breaks the rules of the superhero genre but not taking itself seriously at all.


This film is set in the same universe as the X-men movies and it is linked in using the characters of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


The action is very competently handled, although it does inevitably become unnecessarily epic at the end. Even this cannot spoil an entertaining film.


Oh yes, there is a post credit scene, but not a very impressive one. I am suspecting the scene which made it to British copies is something short of the US version.






Out in the real world the first reviews for Gods of Egypt are coming out. Inevitably they are negative, but I think the film looks weird enough to be worth a look.




*Hey, I haven’t seen it, but reputation counts…
**Actually it was released, just not in the UK

I’m Jack Eris and if you know me, you know Jack.





And if you want some real movie news you know what to do.


And if you want to walk the wild side of genre video try Starburst’s review section




Grunting at the Screen (197)

13 Feb

The information age isn’t finished with us.



Things are picking up nicely for February.

We have new science fiction projects.

A lot of people rate Andrew Niccol, I’m not one of them, but what the hey.

He is back with a new science fiction project, it is called Anon: in a near future without privacy a detective hunts down a young woman who does not exist in a world where crime should not be possible.

Clive Owen is to star.



Park Chan-wook is working on his own science fiction project, an adaptation of the novel Genocidal Organs by the late Project Itoh (yeah, that was his name.)


Anyway, a Korean director doing a Japanese story, hardly unknown…


Where were we: Genocidal Organs. Sarajevo got nuked by an American terrorist. Intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd hunts the terrorist and something he carries, the Genocidal Organ.


Park Chan-wook is working on Fingersmith at the moment so Genocidal Organs will have to wait.



While checking out the British SF film, The Call Up, I discovered that the feature She Who Brings Gifts – blogged in Grunt (195)- was identical to M.R. Carey’s The Girl with All the Gifts.*

Blogs like io9 have been very enthusiastic about the novel. I had no idea it was being adapted but it is already in Post-Production; the director is Colm McCarthy.

There is no word on a release, but if it follows the usual path it will do the festival circuit, before being sold to a distributor, and then we will know if it will get a theatrical release, go straight to disk, of, as many films have lately, be left on the shelf.



I just ran into the trailer for the French sci-fi film Ickerman by Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard.

I had a look at the trailer;

It follows the route of the stylish FX heavy short films that have knocking around the net.

In a world dominated by Virtual Reality a man tries to save his friend who has disappeared into a virtual world.

It’s proof-of-concept trailer to raise money for the feature. You won’t be seeing the film any time soon; they plan to shoot Ickerman in early 2017.



The age of Giant Monsters has not ended. Dwayne Johnson’s videogame adaptation Rampage shoots this summer.

In Rampage giant monsters rip cities apart while avoiding the military forces trying to stop them.

Brad Peyton is directing, Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal are on the screenplay.



The Time Travel thriller Synchronicity looks like it has a British DVD release.

It is supposedly out now. We haven’t seen a copy yet. There is a review from Starburst. It’s not exactly enthusiastic.




Creative Control from Amazon hits theatres March 11.

It is the near future, a corporation has developed an Augmented Reality technology, David, an advertising executive is charged with selling the technology, uses instead he uses it to create a digital duplicate of his best friend’s girlfriend. This get complicated as he has increasing difficulty telling fantasy from reality.

I gather this one is kind of a comedy.



Now this is mad, the Japanese feature Too Young to Die! by director Kudô Kankurô.

Student Daisuke dies during a school trip, he awakes in hell, which he does not deserve, he’s given a second chance at life, well seven of them. If he does not redeem himself in seven reincarnations he will become a demon.

It has been a while since we had a crazy FX soaked Japanese feature.

Too Young to Die! got its debut at Rotterdam film festival. No word of a release date as of yet.



Look out for Half Life, from Epic Pictures Group starring Tom Sizemore, Dominic Monaghan, and Sarah Habel. Not based on a game from Valve software

This one involves a nuclear inspector who visits a reactor that goes off-line, the job starts going south when the inspector starts suspecting that all is not what it seems to be or who they seem to be.

Half Life due for a 2016 release.




I like to keep an eye on the Straight-to-Disk genre releases, I came across Earth Apocalypse in the supermarket.

Hme, terrible title, do you know there is also a low budget movie “Apocalypse Earth”? But that is neither here nor there.

OK, Earth Apocalypse, Alan Leonard, Director; this one is different, made in Ireland.

Rez is approached by some dubious characters, they want him to test a stolen time machine. Rez travels into the future where he witnesses a nuclear disaster. He returns to the present with only 8 hours to save the city from destruction.

OK, that is all very well. Except Earth Apocalypse is not really Earth Apocalypse. It is actually a film called Dark by Noon from 2013, and it has had a previous release under that name.

I’ve noticed low budget disks being renamed, it may have become a commercial strategy.

There may be a legitimate reason for this one, articles have suggested there are several cuts of Dark by Noon hanging about.