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Grunting at the Screen (192)

18 Nov

The information age isn’t finished with us.

We at last have movement on Duncan Jones’ Mute; we’ve just heard that casting has begun. Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard have been cast.
Duncan Jones is telling us, he’s aiming to film it before the Warcraft debut in July 2016.

In the wake of Gravity’s success I expected “homages” (to be polite), and they have started turning up.
Capsule tells the story of Britain’s first manned space flight with the pilot stuck in his malfunctioning capsule while the oxygen runs out.

Director is Andrew Martin apparently it is in the can and making the rounds of the film markets. No release date yet, but we will you keep up-dated.

Just at the deal stage is an adaptation of the science fiction novel Pennsylvania by Michael Bunker, apparently the protagonist is Amish. Amish in space during a colonial rebellion. That should be interesting.
The author is writing the screenplay.
No word on Director or cast yet.

In the wake of Ubisoft’s great success in launching a movie studio, Activision Blizzard has… no wait, wait. This imaginary thing in my ear is now telling me that actually Ubisoft have yet to release a film. So we will have to rephrase this.
In the wake of no evidence at all Activision Blizzard has decided to launch its own studio. Striding out into untested territory this games company is expected to go into production with a Call of Duty feature.
(They also make World of Warcraft, so they must be great things from the coming feature film.)

This one snuck up on me.
Android, from director Niall Johnson, with a script by Niall Johnson and Matt O’Reilly.
Olga Kurylenko has been cast and principle photography commences in February 2016.
The plot is familiar but has potential: a man in a station orbiting Neptune rebuilds his dead wife and son as androids (because that never goes wrong…)

Also coming out of leftfield is The Northlander, a Canadian Post-Holocaust feature directed by Benjamin Ross Hayden. It looks like it is in the can, but there is no word on release date yet.

Someone must
have slipped acid in my coffee because I swear I just heard that Darren Aronofsky just inked a deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger to make the revenge thriller “478”.
I look closer and I see Aronofsky is only producing, Elliott Lester is directing.
Still, I can’t think of a more unlikely paring.

Bong bounces back.
Following the debacle of the Snowpiercer distribution, Bong Joon-ho is back with a new project: Okja. A monster movie starring Kelly MacDonald and Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s about a friendship between a young woman and a big friendly monster.
Shooting commences in April 2016

Sony pictures has acquired Marcus Alqueres’ short film Flying Man for development as a feature.
Scott Glassgold is producing; he used to be with IAM Entertainment,
Oh dear. You may recall from Grunting (144) that IAM Entertainment has been heavily involved in the adaptation of many shorts including: Rosa, True Skin, and Project Kronos. Mysteriously, none of which managed to make it to the big screen.
Let’s hope Glassgold has better luck as an independent.
Chris Collins is to write the script.

Max Landis has been a very busy man. The latest in a string of projects he is working is Deeper: a disgraced astronaut gets a chance to redeem himself, not by going into space, but deep into an oceanic trench at the very bottom of the sea.
Phantom Four is producing. No word on a schedule.

Neill Blomkamp has been offered the adaptation of Thomas Sweterlitsch’s manuscript, “The Gone World,” More news when and if he accepts it.

Prometheus 2 has changed names yet again. It was Alien Paradise Lost, but it is now Alien Covenant. A vast improvement.*
Let’s hope this is the last name change before release.

Now that the Metal Hurlant Chronicles show is out on DVD (to little acclaim) you might think those Humanoids have learned their lesson about live-action and slunk back to their cartoon world with their tails between their legs.

Not at all.

In fact they are expanding and have struck multiple deals to bring their product to the cinematic screen.

First up is a deal they made in July (which I am only just hearing about) to adapt Robert Silverberg’s short story Downward to Earth. Vince Gerardis is producing and this is intended as the first of a string of Silverberg adaptations.

Humanoids have also signed a deal with Chinese production company Jetavana to make English-language features. They are starting with an adaptation of “Metal”, a graphic novel by Jerrold Brown, Paul Alexander, Butch Guice and Roman Surzhenko. They are making it into a $60m space opera.

Also up is Savage Highway, to be produced with John Woo’s partner, Terence Chang.

With Full House Humanoids are producing Alejandro Jodorosky and Francois Boucq’s series of western stories, Bouncer.

With RKSS Collective (Turbo Kid) they are producing Jerry Frissen, Guy Davis and Jorge Miguel’s The Zombies That Ate the World.

John Cassaday and Fabien Nury’s Nazi vampire property,
I Am Legion has been bubbling under for a while. We reported on it back in Grunting at the Screen (47).
Nacho Cerda is directing from a screenplay by Richard Stanley

Michelangelo La Neve’s graphic novel Sebastian X is real high concept action material; an elite cop has been implanted with the memories or a terrorist.
Martin Campbell is attached to direct and the screenwriter is Bill Marsilii. Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator) is producing.

So, what are Les Humanoids up to? I guess they are aiming for something like Marvel Studios. They have some intellectual property, and years’ worth of producing stories and they hope to parley this into a film business.
I wish them the best of luck.

*What? What?

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